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Pictures above are from some of our shows at GTC Burbank

Celebrate 20 Years

of Great Theater

at GTC Burbank!

On September 30, 2020, Grove Theater Center bid farewell to our Burbank space. It was the end of our 20-year lease with the City and with the unknown reality of when theaters may be allowed to reopen, this seemed like a good time to (as Shakespeare says) exuent.

But we wanted to do it with a BANG!

Don’t miss our stream of the final performance
on the GTC Burbank stage.

Available for a very limited time!

In October of 2000, our very first production at GTC Burbank was Girly Americana — a one-woman show written and performed by the very talented Denise Moses (peeking from behind the theater banner as her character Madame). In fact, Girly Americana is the only show to have played the GTC trifecta of theaters in Garden Grove, Fullerton and Burbank!

So in October of 2020, we are thrilled to present Denise once again. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit with some old friends from Girly Americana like Aunt Marie, Miss Donita, Madame and Kandy (with a K). And enjoy new moments from Growing Up and Liking It (performed at GTC Burbank in May of 2018) including the Noted Girls’ Hygiene Expert’s helpful advice and Cousin SuSue’s many appearances on the 6:00 News.

It’s 45 minutes of theatrical magic
(well, on a screen)

Click Here for a Preview!

Click Here for the Show!

If you have trouble with the link, copy and paste this for the show:    https://youtu.be/_mJRig9rlEc

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Help Build the GTC.Burbank
Equipment Fund!

Just last week, the City of Burbank offered GTC the opportunity to purchase most of the theatrical equipment in GTC Burbank. It includes many lighting instruments, lighting and sound consoles, dimmer packs, speakers and more.

It’s a great chance to secure the ability of Grove Theater Center to continue to produce high-quality theater in whatever space becomes our next home.

We’ve set a goal to raise $8,200 ($8,186 to be exact) to cover the purchase cost from the City
and storage fees for 9 months.

We know that this is a very difficult time for many people, but if you are in a position to help (in any amount), it would be very much appreciated!

Donate Now!

Click “Donate Now!” to make a tax-deductible contribution to
The GTC Burbank Equipment Fund.
Help us find these poor, orphaned lighting instruments a new home!